Azure Bicep enables IT ops teams working with IaC to create and deploy Azure resources in a more streamlined manner. Blockchain is most famous for its cryptocurrency applications, but data centers can employ it for a variety of business-related … They should be able to work effectively with other architecture team members and delegate responsibilities. Cloud architects should have in-depth job-related knowledge and abilities to perform their job duties effectively.

what do solution architects do

Informing various stakeholders about any problems with the current technical solutions being implemented. For the near future, the role of a Solution Architect will continue to evolve. It is not a static role and that is why it is still a work in progress.

Our competent and highly skilled programmers use popular frameworks to create an effective Web solution that meets your business objectives. A Smart Contract is an application of Blockchain, a technology that is unlocking the potential of business value. There are a number of architecture roles in the IT market, but the three roles with the biggest resonance are Enterprise Solution Architect, Solution Architect, and Technical Architect.

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Job Responsibilities For A Systems Integrator And Systems Administrator

When your sales team has a prospect, they’re going to look to their SA to listen to the requirements and ‘have a voice’ (i.e., be convincing in what you’re talking about). This will enable them to develop technical requirements and documentation, push data between those two systems (i.e., it starts here and goes there, but if this happens, it pushes back into this database and so on). A Pardot Solution Architect is someone who is very fluent in the core Salesforce platform and who is also able to leverage other platforms that live outside of both Pardot and Salesforce. These other platforms are required to expand the functionality of Pardot and to meet the increasingly technical client requirements for reporting, routing, and a number of other things.

Understand the environment – solution architects need to know and understand the specifics for the enterprise environment they are working with. Companies have complex environments, but solution architects have the skills to navigate this complexity. Simply put, solution architecture is describing, designing, and managing the solution development to address the client’s needs and problems. Solution architecture describes how different business components, information, and technology architectures are used in a particular solution.

what do solution architects do

In addition, cloud architects with previous DevOps experience may find that their skills fit the job description. In the last decade, the demand for solution architects has exploded due to the broad set of skills they bring to a project. Solution architects are specialists who deal with complex tasks while delivering value for both businesses and software vendors. Their relevance is increasing in a world where solutions are the conjunction of technology, resources, skills, and business goals. The architect should have a solid technical background, a broad outlook, and experience in team and project management. Leadership and excellent communication skills are a must-have for an architect who often becomes the link between the client’s team and the company.

NIX understands the needs of businesses and has a dedicated team of solution architects available to help companies regardless of the industry. Solutions architects may focus on workflow, applications, and integration, among other things. The solutions architect does not usually manage technical and development teams, but they often work with and communicate with these teams during the development of a software solution.

Although the “Solution Architect” role has been around in the Salesforce ecosystem for some time, it has been receiving more attention over the past year since the certification and ‘learning expeditions’ were released. This has made the Salesforce Solution Architect’s roles, responsibilities, and required skill sets, more formalized. These professionals can help to prepare a work plan, so that the solution they have suggested aligns with the business’ goals, and they can ensure that a project is completed on time and within budget.

Network Architect Duties

A cloud computing degree will help you understand how to work on computer systems and programs while focusing on the cloud. More hands-on than other programs, cloud computing takes a “labs-first approach” where you’ll spend time building programs, solving complex problems, and making sure your solutions work. An AWS solutions architect is among the most valuable and sought-after cloud computing positions in the world.

As the SA, you’ll formulate solution plans and provide guidance on AWS architectural best practices. You’ll estimate costs and identify cost control mechanisms, as well as select the appropriate AWS service based on data, compute, database or security requirements. Both roles require at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or an information sciences-related field, while many possess advanced degrees in these disciplines.

Keep reading to explore what these professionals do, their responsibilities, and how you can become one. OpenXcell network has experts across a wide variety of software development languages and technologies. See the list below to find the profile did you can choose from based on your product development requirement.

Principal Solution Architect Salary & Outlook

Responsible for documentation – any solutions created need to be properly documented and cataloged and that is also the responsibility of the solution architect. With the boom of horizontal scalability and microservice architecture, the world observed the “container deployment era”. Today at least a quarter of leading IT companies use container solutions in a big production, and this number is likely to grow further. Such a transformation demands specific expertise and skills to make the software solution correspond to the business needs and operations.

The success and efficiency of the solution being developed depend on how an architect can listen, speak, and communicate with all the project participants. Companies face the challenge of changing their inner processes and working methods to stay in the game. In other words, businesses need digital transformation that will adjust processes to software solutions. Find out what a principal solution architect does, how to get this job, and what it takes to succeed as a principal solution architect. Manage the architectural runway – Solution AEs collaborate with System AEs and teams to define and build the architectural runway. They ensure that enablers are defined and prioritized in the appropriate solution train and ART backlogs.

Enterprise Architects focus on building robust solutions that solve a critical strategic issue. Usually, Enterprise Architects supervise and take a back seat role by delegating specific tasks to specialists in particular areas. The principal involvement of Enterprise Architects is ensuring the company, as an entity, has streamlined application lifecycles and uses the technologies best suited for each application. Solution architects become involved with a project at the time the computer systems analyst is developing requirements.

what do solution architects do

They work with System AEs to design the solution and support Solution and Product Management efforts to define it. Of course, even that is an oversimplification as this role collaborates with many others within the solution train. In contrast, these large solutions are composed of many bespoke components built by ARTs and suppliers.

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A Solution Architect develops the overarching technical vision for a particular business solution. They are in charge of the solution’s design, description, and management. Our solution architect is responsible for analyzing the entire technological environment in order to make it compatible with your business to achieve best output.

This means they’re not really thinking about what’s happening in other systems. They may have another resource in their organization to help them bring the data they need into Pardot from other systems. You need to grasp the platform to be able to write documentation (i.e., telling clients “here’s what needs to happen for this to work”). You need that level of familiarity to write documentation confidently and coherently. So, the Solution Architect role is becoming more prevalent as more enterprise-level organizations become Pardot customers.

And they play a critical role in solution train events, including Pre- and Post-PI Planning, Solution and System Demos, the Solution Train Sync, and the ART and solution train Inspect and Adapt (I&A) Workshops. Ben mentioned that he’s heard opinions about Pardot SAs from people who don’t believe that Pardot could warrant an SA because it’s not a complex tool. However, the ask to customize, when in the wrong hands, leads to over-customizing, followed by technical debt. Effective communication is a must, as a Solutions Architect constantly interacts with people. They need to be great active listeners in order to understand a business’ needs and to understand the customer’s expectations. In addition, a solution Architect is responsible for bridging the communication gap between technical and non-technical professionals, so the ability to express themselves clearly with different audiences is very valuable.

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This was called a waterfall model as steps were discreet and strictly followed each other. According to 2022 salary research from Payscale, cloud architects can expect to earn base pay between $80,000 and $167,000 per year, depending on a variety of factors, including education, location, skills and experience. The average salary for a cloud architect according to Payscale is $128,418. If the company does not already use cloud infrastructure, the architect’s role is to help determine the need for cloud infrastructure and manage its adoption.

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As the popularity of this profession continues to grow, so does the competition among candidates. Getting your Master of Business Administration in IT management or a related advanced degree can help you stand out to potential employers and show that you’re serious about a career in cloud computing. Take the first step by getting trained with the AWS Solution Architect Certification Training Course. You’ll learn the key concepts, latest trends, and best practices for working with the AWS architecture, as you become an industry-ready AWS certified Solutions Architect ready for your first job.

Solution Architect Requirements:

Architects must understand the spectrum of OSes that exist in the complex enterprise cloud ecosystem. Cloud architects should be able to communicate complex technical concepts to team members. Enterprise architecture what do solution architects do is regarded as one of the key ways of achieving competitive advantage through information technology. There is a growing demand to reduce costs, increase flexibility, and regulate technology environments.

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A solutions architect is responsible for evaluating an organization’s business needs and determining how IT can support those needs leveraging software, hardware, or infrastructure. Aligning IT strategy with business goals has become paramount, and a solutions architect can help determine, develop, and improve technical solutions in support of business goals. Digital Transformation – if your company is looking to explore digital transformation projects for the future, you want to ensure that you obtain the services of a solution architect.

Demand for information technology solutions will continue to increase as organizations seek to improve productivity and efficiency. Solution architects will be needed to design these systems, which will require a deeper understanding of the business needs of their clients. In contrast, enterprise architecture, which also includes the aforementioned four types of architecture, operates at the strategic level and its scope and span is the enterprise rather than a specific business problem. Further to this, they decide what products or services can solve the problem at hand, and they choose an appropriate technology stack . To describe complex systems that have many different modules and services, a solutions architect usually prepares a set of diagrams for customers and teams to look at. Basically, Solution Architecture is the process of designing solutions that meet a company’s set of needs.

In terms of the overall development process the solution architect sits between the underlying technical architecture and the overarching enterprise architecture. Besides this, solutions architects often analyze the technology a business already has in place in order to improve it for the customer. This involves testing systems for functionality as well as improving the overall process of the applications used by a business.

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